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Welcome to
Blue Lotus Design

Welcome to Blue Lotus Design

I'm Christopher,

a web and e-commerce designer and developer specializing in Shopify.

My mission: use web technologies to help small businesses succeed online through store setups, migrations, optimizations, and theme customizations.

Have a design for a theme you want me to build from scratch? Sure, we can do that too.

I'm also passionate about mastering CSS layouts and using my skills to modernize websites with creative, thoughtful, responsive designs.

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I'm not new to programming - since teaching myself to edit the startup files of my first PC when I was a teenager, I've taught myself several programming languages and have created software tools for various problems, from a calculative interface for mathematics research (Java, Matlab) to automating statistical analyses in Excel (VBA).

My academic background is mathematics and computer science - I am an expert problem solver and analytical thinker who's self-sufficient and resourceful.

Friendly, personable service! I had a successful career as a hospitality professional for well over 10 years. I'm a brilliant communicator with exceptional attention to detail who knows how to listen, how to ask intelligent questions, and communicate precisely - I FOCUS ON WHAT MY CLIENTS WANT.

I built and launched my own store on the WordPress/WooCommerce platform to teach myself about e-commerce. I have others in the concept phase that I'm building on Shopify.

I have an organized, structured process for our work based on project management principles to ensure transparency, accountability and staying in scope.



HTML, CSS, Javascript, Liquid, Java, PHP

Tools & Platforms

Shopify, WooCommerce, Illustrator, xD, GIMP, WordPress, Webflow, GitHub, Netlify


Google Career Certificate in Data Analytics

Coursera (In Progress)

Google Career Certificate in Project Management


Bachelor of Science Hons.

High Honours in Mathematics

University of Regina

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